Q-Web Shelf is a shelf system with RFID function (UHF), where the current stock status is registered and managed in real time on RFID-labeled items in      Q-Web®.


Q-Web Shelf consists of one RFID reader and one RFID antenna per shelf plan. A maximum of 16 RFID antennas, i.e. shelves plans, can be connected to each RFID reader. Then another RFID reader is added for the next 16 RFID antennas, i.e. shelves plans.


Q-Web Shelf is available as a ready-made concept consisting of:

  • 1 Shelf with 5 shelf plans
  • 1 RFID Reader
  • 5 RFID Antennas


(Alternatively, a customized solution can be made, where the RFID antennas are adapted to already existing shelves. Maximum size per RFID antenna is 1000 mm x 400 mm).